PO BOX 36271
CANTON, OH 44735-6271
Our Mission
To anonymously provide assistance for those in need ultimately exemplifying the Golden Rule.
Our Vision
Our vision is to respond to requests at Christmas time and also throughout the year.
Assist children, families, individuals, and organizations in need in Northeast Ohio Counties.
Raise funds to meet the growing needs of these groups.
Deplete funds within 12 months of receiving them, mostly dispersed during the Christmas season.
Grow our staff of skilled and dedicated volunteers.
Maintain our 501 (c) 3 status.
Purchase, wrap and deliver Christmas gifts given through in-kind and monetary donations, while remaining anonymous.
95% of donations to children, families, individuals and organizations in need, 5% to administrative costs.

About Us

The world can seem like a hopeless place to a family whose breadwinners have been letgo from their jobs, especially around the Christmas holidays. Already struggling to make ends meet, Andrew and Megan (not their actual names) were out of work. As the bills began to pile up and Christmas inched closer, the future looked grim.

Recognizing that this family was in dire straits and practicing the principle of the Golden Rule, PSNR granted the family gift cards for food and other necessities and maybe even a few Christmas gifts for their children. A few days later a PSNR "elf" delivered a $300 Walmart gift certificate to a very grateful Megan and Andrew. Thinking the book was closed on this chapter, the elf reported a happy ending.

But the story didn't end there. Within a week of receiving the gift certificate, Megan returned it to the elf. Her job had been reinstated with back pay. Able to pay the bills and get caught up, Megan explained to the elf that her luck had improved. And that another family could probably use the $300 now that she was back to work. The Golden Rule, treating others as you would be treated had come full circle.

Unfortunately, not all recipients of PSNR enjoy happy endings to their stories. Often the job isn't reinstated in the nick of time. Or resources are inadequate during the process of rebuilding lives after a fire, accident or other catastrophe. For these reasons and more, PSNR seeks your assistance to reach out to the children and adults who need a hand in Northeast Ohio Counties.