Click here for an announcement addressing the changes we will have regarding the COVID-19 virus.
PO BOX 36271
CANTON, OH 44735-6271

Hey everyone,

We hope and pray you are all safe and healthy during this challenging time.

  • We wanted to thank you with our "Annual Volunteer Appreciation Night" for all your help with our November 2019 - 25th Silver Jubilee Auction... but we can't.
  • We wanted to give you a meal with great desserts...but we couldn't.
  • We wanted to share our stats for 2019
    • Best year ever, raised over $88K in 2019!
    • With almost $70K distributed to: 19 organizations/454 families/200 children in 111 requests!
  • We wanted thank YOU for making this possible: over $1 million to 2055+ requests,
    • 1220+ Stark County requests
    • 600+ Summit County requests
  • We wanted to tell you we gave out our 7th "Anonymous Scholarship" this month!
  • We wanted to say "THANK YOU" for everything you have all contributed to PSNR to date!

Friday the 13th of November, 2020

Yes, this is the date we have reserved at Fr. Lou & Corrine Mahshie Fellowship Centre

Yes, this is our Annual Auction & may be totally "DIFFERENT" this year.

Will we have an auction - not sure as yet.

Will we have a dinner - not sure as yet.

What we do KNOW FOR SURE:

...the need for your assistance is still going to be there, as well as helping those in need.

...the need for all of you to stay in touch with our Website & Facebook.

...the need for everyone to be safe & healthy is OUR #1 PRIORITY!

We are hoping by the 1st of July we can have something definitive for all of you on what is planned for Friday the 13th of November, 2020. We are just letting you know that we are here, like all of you we are challenged with what we have before us but realize...we can become STRONGER when this is completed.

On behalf of all the volunteers of PSNR - thank you and we pray you are all safe & healthy. Enjoy the time with your family and remember...Always something good happens after something negative.

God bless and stay healthy,

Jeffrey Reale
Project: St. Nicholas Returns, Inc.