PO BOX 36271
CANTON, OH 44735-6271


We are all volunteers. If you are interested in assisting PSNR, Inc. please fill out and submit our volunteer form. Thank you for your consideration and our Coordinator of Volunteers, Chris McDonnell, will be in touch with you within one week of your submission.

General committee meetings are open to the public. We meet roughly three to four times per year at various locations in Summit and Stark Counties.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets roughly an additional three to four times beyond the General Committee meetings as they address the operations of the organization and deal specifically with the requests. These members vote on the requests and can recommend changes to the bylaws. These are elected positions that are held presently for a three year term.

Present Members

Jeffrey Reale
Uniontown, OH
Stephen Kelley
Uniontown, OH
Christina Warren
Canton, OH
Coordinator of Volunteers
Chris McDonnell
Canton, OH
Coordinator of Requests
Lynne Nunley
Canton, OH
Recording Secretary
Zaina Zawahri
Canton, OH
Corresponding Secretary
Christina Murphy
Canton, OH
Fundraiser Liason
Cathy Snyder Sage
Akron, OH
Volunteer Form
Emergency Contact

If you have any questions please contact Chris McDonnell at 330-497-9089 (evenings).